1. This is great. The first descriptive yet not too technical walk through I’ve found. Thank you!

  2. Gunar,
    This is very helpful! I appreciate instructions that actually…instruct. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. Great walkthrough for how to get a basic panel running! This is where I started 3 months ago, and had I had this, I would have been much farther along now.

    So here I am learning FlexBuilder 3 for a one-off FileInfo Panel. Spent most of the Trial software period figuring out that I need to install Ant, the Eclipse plugin, and a variety of other things. Finally, after forgetting most of what I did to make it suddenly possible to publish my custom panel, I am able to make something that works as I hoped (almost).

    End of the trial software period, and I try to buy FlexBuilder, but alas it is no longer available. Since I’m trying to do this once, and don’t use Flex for anything anytime but this one task, I didn’t document everything I needed to make it work, and now can’t finish my job.

    Now, armed with the trial of FlashBuilder 4, I can’t figure out where to get ANT, or how to start a new project with the settings for a FileInfo panel.
    What am I missing, where do I get it, and how do I thank you properly for a great blog?

    • Wow, I admire your effort. I assume you have looked through the latest SDK? It has updated instructions and a new plugin for FlashBuilder4. Here is a quick snippet of the readme file:

      The tools/ folder contains two Jar-files that contains Eclipse plug-ins for
      Flex Builder 3 and FlashÆ Builderô 4:
      * com.adobe.xmp.sdk.fileinfo_1.0.2
      * com.adobe.xmp.sdk.fileinfo_fb4_1.1.0

      Important: You must have the ANT plug-in installed in your Eclipse or
      Flash Builder environment.

      1) Place the Jar file in your eclipse/plugins/ folder or FlashBuilder plugins/ folder.
      2) Start up Eclipse or Flash Builder
      3) Go to File > New > Project …
      4) Expand XMP and choose Custom Panel
      5) Complete the Wizard steps to create a new Project.
      6) Edit the build/build.properties file to update the location of the
      FileInfo SDK to reflect your installation, if needed.
      7) Update the project’s MXML file so the defaults.css stylesheet points to
      your installation of the FileInfo SDK, if needed.

      I hope that helps somewhat.

  4. Hi Gunar,

    Great Instructions. I been searching for ages trying to find an easy to follow guide to acheive this. I had one question though. I had previously created a file info panel for CS3, but i’m now worried that any new panel wont be able to read the old data? Is there anyway to make sure the old fields are mapped correctly to the new fields?

    Thanks in advance, Jason.

    • The new panels will read the metadata in your CS3 panel as long as the same namespaces and properties are defined. The easiest way to test is to create a sample file in CS3 that has all the values assigned to the properties in your panel and then open it up in CS4/CS5 and take a look. Another way would be to export the XMP from a file created in CS3 and one in CS4/CS5 and compare them with a text based versioning tool. You could also create templates in CS3 and apply them in CS4/CS5 to see if that works as well.

  5. Thanks for the Generic panel info…it works well..I’ve even filled it with fields for my purposes…just one question…

    Can I rename the File info tab name “Generic Panel” to my own custom name somewhere in the xml files ..or is this in the swf file?

    If I could do this, my immediate problems are solved!

    • The name of the panel tab is defined in another file called “manifest.xml”. That was done for performance reasons – each panel file doesn’t have to be loaded to get the panel name.

  6. Hello Gunar,

    I wrote several xmp panels to capture custom metadata so that it can be injested into our DAM workflow. I am now struggling with porting over the old panels into CS4/5 and I can’t seem to get it to work.

    I was able to get the panels to appear but not the previous data.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Morgan – the biggest challenge I have seen is getting the data types right to display and retain edits. For that you will need to refer to the XMP specifications – look up the specific property name and make sure the data type is defined properly in your panel.

      • I had that exact problem bringing in a field into a DAM application.

        The problem ended up being the data type. the XMP panel field was type = “date” where in the DAM app it was expecting a “text” field. When I changed the DAM app custom field to “date” it injested the data just fine.

  7. Hi Gunar,

    I have a simple formatting question for panels in CS4. I’m new to editing xmp panels and was wondering what type of code i need to write in order to get two separate input fields to appear on one line beside each other in the pannel. Im trying to get them to look like the “state/province” and “country/territory in the Orgins panel in photoshop.

    Thanks for your help

    • Can’t be done with the generic panels. Each property gets it’s own line. The only way to achieve what you want is to create a Flex based panel.

  8. Hi Gunar,

    One other quick question. I have customized multiple generic panels but only one will show up when I open an image and retrieve file info in Photoshop. Is there something I need to change in the manifest in order for all the panel I have edited to show?

    Thanks for all your help.


    • Hmm. Try modifying the manifest.xml file to make sure they are unique for each panel – if they are the same it might only be picking up one panel.

  9. Hi, I’ve sucessfully created a custom panel based on generic and it works great from file info.

    However, when putting the xml properties file in the “custom” folder for Bridge, it shows up in the Metadata pane, but is blank (no name no fields) it is checked on in the metadata preferences in Bridge.

    What could cause this considering it works great from File Info?

    • I’ve found the issue: but I don’t understand it.
      When I remove the zstrings it won’t show up in bridge meta panel…but does in File info.

      Do I need these zstring lines when using the generic panel? I thought they could just be removed entirely.

      These are the lines in question:


      • Interesting, perhaps this is a bug in Bridge? You don’t need the zStrings for the generic panel in File Info but I was unaware that it caused issues in Bridge. Sounds like you found a work around by reintroducing the zStrings.

      • It is strange indeed.

        One would expect if file info works, the Bridge panel would pick it up the same.

        I did notice something though…

        In the “Custom” Folder for Bridge, there is a “loc” folder. When you bring in the generic panel to the Panels folder, it automatically creates a localization us eng dat file in the “Custom” “loc” folder. (even before adding the .xml file to “Custom”)

        Maybe this is just for a default of English or something, but it makes me think any xml properties file in the custom folder needs localization.

        All this aside, leaving in the zstrings allows things to work perfectly.

  10. Hi there,
    I have build a new XMP panel using Flex. It works, together with the custom XML file it also shows the panel data inside Bridge metadata panel. The panels I build are based on old (CS3) panel information.
    For some reason that I do not understand all popups do show the information that was attached using Bridge CS3, but the text fields do not. I have been looking at my namespace and field names but I can’t find the bug.
    There must be something wrong but what? Is there anyone out there that is willing to look at my custom panel and help me out?

    If so I can send you the Flex project and all files by email.

    Kind Regards,

  11. Hi Gunner,

    I dont know if your still checking this but any help would be appreciated. I am having trouble getting my CS4 custom XMP panels to accept metadata from drop down menus applied in CS3.

    To clarify, if an artist’s name was selected from a drop down menu in CS3, that same file will not display the entered value when opened with CS4 even though the panels and theirs fields/values are the same.



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