1. Gunar,

    Can you give us a concrete scenario for this? What is exactly attached, and how?

    • I provide a number of examples on the SAMSN website – http://opensamsn.org – see the side bar links.

      The simplest example is adding a unique identifier to the media asset via XMP – then registering that unique identifier with a SAMSN registry.

      Wherever that media goes, the identifier goes with it since it is strongly attached. From the media we can now link back to the registry and pull related metadata and information.

      In the context of the book “Pull” – the asset pulls the relevant information based on the given context of the puller – for example it could be a request for the author and rights status from another system or application – the registry is then able to supply this information in context of the asset.

      This info can also be embedded which leads to developing a caching strategy and identification of the authoritative info.

      I describe this pull approach as creating a media centric workflow where relevant info is pulled as needed to help the workflow.

      I believe it lead to far more efficient and flexible workflows.

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